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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear GhostCrawler

Good morning Mr Crab avatar,

First off this is not a "You promised me a pony" post, although I will say I was unhappy to see that there were no Vancouver pets nut meh:P

Back in TBC as a pally we were given some new tools that allowed us to be tanks, and that was great..if you wanted to tank adds and or trash pulls in Mt Hyjal..It was few and far between to see a pally as a MT on bosses in T4/5/6 content, the guild I was in had such a tank, he was MT on our first kills of Mag, Hydross, VR, etc etc but we ended up losing him to a T6 guild to be the OT..but guess what? thats right he was asked to heal on several fights rather than tank because "warriors are the main tanks" ..but I digress.

When Wrath came out we had 1 raid that was pally friendly..Naxx..undead mobs, great we could tank the adds,trash like no tommorow and as guilds started to farm it we were given more MT/Co tank was Maly and OS and it was heal/ret or gues what..adds (in os anyway:P)...Druid/DK were the tanks of choice for those 2 raids.

Then came Ulduar..DK tanks stole the show in that raid, huge hp and tools to get the job done, I got to play my mage to Yogg and then started cotanking when our warrior tank was having threat issues and our bear wanted to heal..I again tanked to Yogg..we were at a good place as pally tanks..equal with our fellow tanks.

TOC was a warrior/dk fest and I was told to tank the adds on Jarax, and Anub (I still have not MT Anub and will prolly never get the chance too) I was always told "LOL Holy Wrath" and an undergeared warrior or DK got the boss..I still havent killed Anub in TOGC :/

Then came the "Endgame" of Wrath..ICC, a chance to face Arthas (who was a pally btw) in an epic undead raid, a raid that from all things put together was a raid for pally tanks to shine, we could MT this place, we had the tools, the EH and the mobs, bosses were/are undead..and were going against "the pally" Arthas..I was so hopeful....

Then one fine evening while tanking Marrowgar in 25 ICC mid fight I lost 2k hp...I held up the raid after the kill trying to find out why I had just been at 50k hp buffed and now I was 48k...we finally got back going but I was sure I had screwed something up and or it was just a bug/glitch..then I checked the fourms the following day to see that you nerfed real reason given other than we were to OP and our fellow tanks were unhappy that we were ahead of them...What the #%#$

ICC is an undead instance....As a class we are getting kicked in the gonads because you designed a class to excel in a raid that it seems to me was our chance to finally shine...every other class had their time to shine...heck DK's got it before we did.

And yet you are not done nerfing us..more on the way...WHY?

It is simple...

Warriors do not like our AOE threat....well boo hoo..tell you what, you give up some single target threat and you can have some of my add why not..oh that is right...

"Go stand in the back and heal the warrior"

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