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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back in the saddle again!

Good day all:)

I used to blog but for some reason I can not access my old account so here we go with a new one:)

Back ground:

Been playing since 06
Have 4 80's
1 prot pally (32k armour, 42k hp self buffed)
1 Mage (my main of 4 years)
1 warrior (prot/fury) hes almost 3 yrs old
1 lock (2nd 80)

I have been playing with the same group of friends for nearly all my time on WoW.
I was ally for the majority of my WoW time..went horde fall of 09 and wish I would have done so sooner.

Today I play on a high pop server (pvp) and pug everything with the 5-7 guildies that are online on any given night, I have tanked through Rotface in 25m and 10m.

A few updates for those who know me:

Our beloved former GM's of Mal Katai have joined us on our server after a year long break..when they quit they were on yogg in 25m....and suprise..Brindals DK tank logs in and has 36k hp unbuffed..ready for icc 10m after a year lol

Our former raid lead Trelic is back with a 8k dps hunter lol (although he has mellowed:))

Our beloved Tree Celoria has taken up being a restoshaman/10k dps ret pally..but she still goes tree:)

I will blog more ofton now and wont lose this blog lol

Btw..Honnors do you have the alk boss kill vid in ZA?

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