Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear GhostCrawler

Good morning Mr Crab avatar,

First off this is not a "You promised me a pony" post, although I will say I was unhappy to see that there were no Vancouver pets nut meh:P

Back in TBC as a pally we were given some new tools that allowed us to be tanks, and that was great..if you wanted to tank adds and or trash pulls in Mt Hyjal..It was few and far between to see a pally as a MT on bosses in T4/5/6 content, the guild I was in had such a tank, he was MT on our first kills of Mag, Hydross, VR, etc etc but we ended up losing him to a T6 guild to be the OT..but guess what? thats right he was asked to heal on several fights rather than tank because "warriors are the main tanks" ..but I digress.

When Wrath came out we had 1 raid that was pally friendly..Naxx..undead mobs, great we could tank the adds,trash like no tommorow and as guilds started to farm it we were given more MT/Co tank was Maly and OS and it was heal/ret or gues what..adds (in os anyway:P)...Druid/DK were the tanks of choice for those 2 raids.

Then came Ulduar..DK tanks stole the show in that raid, huge hp and tools to get the job done, I got to play my mage to Yogg and then started cotanking when our warrior tank was having threat issues and our bear wanted to heal..I again tanked to Yogg..we were at a good place as pally tanks..equal with our fellow tanks.

TOC was a warrior/dk fest and I was told to tank the adds on Jarax, and Anub (I still have not MT Anub and will prolly never get the chance too) I was always told "LOL Holy Wrath" and an undergeared warrior or DK got the boss..I still havent killed Anub in TOGC :/

Then came the "Endgame" of Wrath..ICC, a chance to face Arthas (who was a pally btw) in an epic undead raid, a raid that from all things put together was a raid for pally tanks to shine, we could MT this place, we had the tools, the EH and the mobs, bosses were/are undead..and were going against "the pally" Arthas..I was so hopeful....

Then one fine evening while tanking Marrowgar in 25 ICC mid fight I lost 2k hp...I held up the raid after the kill trying to find out why I had just been at 50k hp buffed and now I was 48k...we finally got back going but I was sure I had screwed something up and or it was just a bug/glitch..then I checked the fourms the following day to see that you nerfed real reason given other than we were to OP and our fellow tanks were unhappy that we were ahead of them...What the #%#$

ICC is an undead instance....As a class we are getting kicked in the gonads because you designed a class to excel in a raid that it seems to me was our chance to finally shine...every other class had their time to shine...heck DK's got it before we did.

And yet you are not done nerfing us..more on the way...WHY?

It is simple...

Warriors do not like our AOE threat....well boo hoo..tell you what, you give up some single target threat and you can have some of my add why not..oh that is right...

"Go stand in the back and heal the warrior"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Raid weekly

Good day,

Blizz has introduced quests inside ICC 10/25 for raiders to complete, this is fantastic imo, I have seen 3 of the 4 so far and managed to do all 3 on both 10 and 25.

My favorite is at Lady D, you have to keep Darnavarn alive during the boss encounter to complete your quest and get the gold/rep/badges and a chance at gems or a 264 boe.

A strat that has failed is only using 2 tanks and having them switch off on the boss and Darn as the debuff stacks, we found that this was a bad way to do it, Darn sunders you which can equal insta death when you take the boss ie 30k frostbolt with a 12k mele on 25% less armor = done.

There are 2 strats that work quite well in 25 and 10m..3 tanks..2 on adds/boss and 1 keeping Darn busy...last night we went with 3 tanks...First time: Prot pally/Druid on DW and adds and my warrior alt tanking was going well except a sp in the group had done 90k dmg to him and was about dead when the sheild went down..we wiped it.

2nd go: Everything going great...we get a deformed add and our druid taunted to close to it and went splat, we kept going but when the pally took the add and I grabbed DW she insta splat me with 42k dmg while i was at 38k hp (yes I was 1 sec late with laststand:P)

We got it on try 4, try 3 went bad due to a locked killing Darn:(

The other strat is using a dk to keep him chained/ well too:)

Good luck on Arthas Ted and Devolve!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So you want me to tank your random?

Yes this is a rant about the LFG feature...

First off let me say that I will tank for guildies/friends anyday of the week and usually when someone dings 80 I step up to chain tank heroics to help the gold and buying gems are always a bonus:P

But when I enter a random (usually with a healer friend/dps from the guild) I only expect to have to tank..not saying that if someone is new 80 I /lol at them ..I try to be helpful.

But as of late..I have turned in "that guy" ..the tank that wants to run the show..set the pace and ensure a good run...what we have been getting is :

Mr AFK: The toon that zones in and goes afk at the entrance and gets his rewards without effort

Mr OMGDPS The guy that spams his meters from trash/bosses (yes your awesome that you did 7k on a boss that was alive for 30secs..hate to tell you but my mage did 9k same boss an hour earlier:P)

Mr I will lead the Group...this is prolly my fav of..go to occulus and after the first boss kill 1 guy mounts and fly's off in a diffrent direction...because he knows better and spams trade that im fail because i went the other way lol

Mr I can tank...least favorite but most fun (you will see below why:P)

Dealing with the jerks above plus a group of new 80's can put some stress on your daily heres how I deal with them:)

Mr Afk: I dont spam/poke/yell/emote at them..I let them afk but I slow the pace down so that the timer expires before pulling the final boss...then votekick them..the get a debuff and dont get the end reward and blizz gets a record as to them getting kicked..cant wait for 3.3.3

Mr OMGDPS : is another simple one to shut them pally raid spec'd using SoC will pull more dps on trash than most geared toons because of how fast the mobs die, when the meters start..I link mine everytime I beat them on a pull...usually only have to do it twice..whats better is when Dotties disc priest beats them on a pack as the healer..priceless:)

Mr I will lead the group : It is quite simple..he can go wander off where he wants..because I am sure when the others follow the tank and healer they get the point (even if I get spammed that im fail:P)...truth be told I think me and dottie can 2man most heroics except cos and the new icc 5 mans..usually the guy ends up leaving because of something I said about his mother lol

Mr I can tank : These people make me LOL everytime..because the first time they pull something I hit my macro :

"Welcome to tank and spank airlines"
"The only rules are, have fun and if you pull it you tank it"
"Enjoy your flight"

That will usually make the point...but there are some who think they will just tank it..except they wont get heals as the healer is in vent with me lol
Prime example of this was in CoS last night on my warrior, a boomkin with a 0/71/0 spec and a mix of 264/178 gear decided on the smokefilled run to the extraboss that he was going to run ahead and pull as man as he could..we had 10 mins on the timer so he was just being silly..I hit the macro..he doesnt stop pulling.
In /p chat I said ok mr boomkin your tanking, which leads him to pull the bonus and try to run back to the group..I just lol'd at him as he went splat..I think I made my point.

If you are a fresh 80 you have nothing to fear from seeing me as your tank because I do not care if you pull 800dps or are in quest blues/greens...I will not mock your skill..If I notice you are new I will ask and be helpful if you are trying because it is a game...for fun.

If you are one of the Mr's out because I turn in to "that guy" and your wait time for que's is longer than mine and come 3.3.3 you wont be in my group for long:)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back in the saddle again!

Good day all:)

I used to blog but for some reason I can not access my old account so here we go with a new one:)

Back ground:

Been playing since 06
Have 4 80's
1 prot pally (32k armour, 42k hp self buffed)
1 Mage (my main of 4 years)
1 warrior (prot/fury) hes almost 3 yrs old
1 lock (2nd 80)

I have been playing with the same group of friends for nearly all my time on WoW.
I was ally for the majority of my WoW time..went horde fall of 09 and wish I would have done so sooner.

Today I play on a high pop server (pvp) and pug everything with the 5-7 guildies that are online on any given night, I have tanked through Rotface in 25m and 10m.

A few updates for those who know me:

Our beloved former GM's of Mal Katai have joined us on our server after a year long break..when they quit they were on yogg in 25m....and suprise..Brindals DK tank logs in and has 36k hp unbuffed..ready for icc 10m after a year lol

Our former raid lead Trelic is back with a 8k dps hunter lol (although he has mellowed:))

Our beloved Tree Celoria has taken up being a restoshaman/10k dps ret pally..but she still goes tree:)

I will blog more ofton now and wont lose this blog lol

Btw..Honnors do you have the alk boss kill vid in ZA?